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The National Bioinformatics Network in the form of a Distributed Network is functional from 1986-87. Today the network is covering 148 institutions, spread geographically all over the country. The Network is creating human resource in Bioinformatics and carrying out research in different areas of Bioinformatics and computational Biology. The BTISNet was also the first network which established BioGrid India of large bandwidth and high speed network connectivity among various institutions in the country and also setting of high performance national computing facility.

Bioinformatics Centres

The Bioinformatics Centres consist of network information units functioning in R&D institutions and Universities situated in different regions of the country and engaged in specified areas of biotechnology. The centres have been established at R&D institutions and University departments exclusively devoted to disciplines covered by biotechnology having a strong group in each specific discipline. They have been established on modern lines with computer facilities to provide bibliographic, SDI and current awareness services, in addition to providing several research tools such as Nucleic acid and Protein sequence databases, computational facilities, etc.

EMBnet India Node

The European Molecular Biology Network (EMBnet), is a science-based group of 37 collaborating nodes throughout Europe and a number of nodes outside Europe. EMBnet has evolved into a world – wide organization bringing bioinformatics professionals to work together to serve the expanding fields of genetics molecular biology. The combined expertise of all nodes allows EMBnet to provide bioinformatics services to the research community and this encompasses more than what a single node can provide. Bioinformatics at CDFD is recognized as the national node of the EMBnet.

The EMBnet India Node provides bioinformatics services in the form of browsing bio-molecular sequence databanks, macro molecular structure databanks, genome and other useful databases. It provides in-house services for the comparison and analysis of sequence/structure/genome data protein 3-D modelling molecular graphics. The Node also conducts in-house training for the use of commercial software such as, GCG and Insight II. The research interests focus on protein sequence & structure analysis, protein modelling, drug design, genome analysis and databases.


This is the first major S&T network in Biotechnology in the country, networking 148 Bioinformatics Centres through satellite and terrestrial links provided by NICNET. Internet access is provided by three major network services providers in the country viz.,NICNET, ERNET and VSNL . The BTISnet permits remote login, file transfer, e-mail, etc. as well as connecting to various international networks which are providing upto date information support on all aspects in biotechnology ranging from bibliographic information to sequence analysis and management information.

The network approach had been very useful in the successful implementation of the project as it is enabled to establish a link between diverse groups of scientists working in various interdisciplinary areas of Biotechnology. The network encouraged sharing of knowledge and greater interaction amongst the scientific community irrespective of their respective geographical location in the country.

Facilities on Interactive Graphics and Molecular Modeling

Six biocomputing facilities under the umbrella of 'National Facilities on Interactive Graphics and Molecular Modeling' have been established with the task of providing discipline wise facilities to the scientists working in the area of molecular structure modeling, 3D structures, active site modeling, crystal structures, conformational analysis, protein and DNA structures and interactions, homology studies and like. These biocomputing centres are located at :

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
University of Poona, Pune
Bose Institute, Calcutta
Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi

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