About the Bioinformatics Centre

The Sikkim Bioinformatics center was established in November, 2001 with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, in a capacity of Sub-Distributed Information Centre.  Since its inception the centre is playing a major role for the development of Biological researches in the state. It is acting in the form of hub for the Bio-resources related researches in Sikkim. The centre has been very successful to disseminate all the facilities provided by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India, among the scientists, researchers, research scholars, students etc. More than 200 personnels were trained by the centre in Bioinformatics and Biology related fields. The centre has successfully conducted major Bioinformatics Meetings including XVIIIth BTISNet Coordinators’ Meeting, 2007 and Ist-NEBINet Coordinators’ Meeting, 2008.


Area of Specialization: Biodiversity, Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

  • To promote Biotechnology and Bioinformatics in the state through trainings, seminars and workshops
  • Database preparation of various bio-resources of the state
  • Encouraging young researchers to take up research work in bioinformatics and biotechnology
Achievements at a glance

National levels Bioinformatics Meeting: The centre has been able to conduct major National Level Bioinformatics Coordinators’ Meetings like XVIIIth All India BTISnet Coordinators’ Meet, 2007 and 1st NEBInet Coordinators’ Meet, 2008.
Biological Database: The centre has prepared various biological database of Sikkim Himalaya such as Rhododendrons of Sikkim, Medicinal Plants of Sikkim Himalaya, Orchids of Sikkim Himalaya, Butterflies of Sikkim Himalaya, Scientific personals of Sikkim, Floral diseases of Sikkim etc.
Books on Bioresources of Sikim Himalaya: The centre has prepared a book on Bioresources (Volume I,II,III) of Sikkim, by means of compilation from various journal published research articles. The book has become a good support to all the concerned researchers in and across the state.
News Letter (BIOGYAN): The centre has been successfully publishing quarterly based News Letter BIOGYAN.
Research Publication: The centre has published various biological research articles on different International and National journals.
Trainings/Workshops: The centre has conducted various crucial trainings and workshops on Biological sciences and Bioinformatics among the scientists, professors, researchers and students.
Studentship: The interested students are encouraged to undergo and develop researches in Biological sciences and Bioinformatics. As a result of which the centre has prepared a database on HIV AIDS in Sikkim.
Online e-journal library: Since 2011 the centre has started online free access of scientific e-journals provided by DeLCON consortium, with the support of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. The online e-journal facility is playing a vital role among the scientists, researchers from across the state for the development and publication of research articles in various reputed journals.
Biological Software packages: With a view of supporting convenient teaching methodology and easy understanding of biological sciences, the centre has prepared various animation software packages on biological sciences. The packages were successfully distributed among the schools and their concerned teachers in the state. It has developed an interest of students towards the studies on biological sciences.
Videographic Documenation: For the first of its kind in the state, the center has successfully documented videographic film on all the existing Rhododendron species of Sikkim Himalaya.
Library facility: The centre has well maintained library facility with good numbers of biological books.



Dr. B.C. Basistha

Postal Address

Sikkim State Council of Science & Technology, Development Area, Gangtok – 737 101, East Sikkim

Phone Number

03592-208764, 03592-208370

Fax No.




Contact Person

Dr. B.C. Basistha

About the Institution

Sikkim State Council of Science and Technology is an autonomous nonprofit, public funded research and training organization of Department of Science and Technology and Climate Change, Government of Sikkim. It is located in a beautiful place of Development Area, Gangtok. The institute has been running various scientific projects like Bioinformatics Centre, State Biotech Hub, State Tissue Culture Centre, Patent Information Centre, State GIS & Remote Sensing Centre, Technology Transfer Centre, ENVIS Centre and other projects.

Infrastructure facilities

Hardwares: The Centre is equipped with a dual processor server, P-4 PCs, Laptops, LCD projector, Scanners, DeskJet and laser printers, digital camera and a Xerox machine.
Software: Geneious Pro Bioinformatics Software, Quick Heal Internet Security.
Internet facility: The centre has 24 hours internet connectivity provided by the State National Informatics Centre through RF Antenna.

Inter Institutional collaboration

The centre in working in collaboration with all the relevant research institutions for the assessment and management of research database and other research activities.

Current area of research


  • Genetic diversity of Rhododendron species of Sikkim Himalaya
  • Research on multiplication of rare Orchid species.
  • Development of Medicinal Herbal Plant and its research
  • Cultivation practices package for the development of Large Cardamom and Zinger.
Database Developed


  • Database on Medicinal Plants of Sikkim Himalayas ( 200 species)
  • Database on Orchids of Sikkim Himalayas (300 species).
  • Database on Rhododendrons of Sikkim Himalayas (36 species)
  • Database on profile scientific fraternity working in various fields of science in Sikkim.
  • Database on Birds of  Sikkim Himalayas  (381 Species)
  • Database on Butterflies of Sikkim Himalayas  (285 species)
  • Database on HIV AIDS in Sikkim.
  • Database on economically important Agro-horticultural crops diseases of Sikkim.
  • Rare endangered and threatened plants from Sikkim Himalaya: First List
  • Animation Package on various biological processes (cell division-Mitosis, Meiosis; Protein synthesis-Transcription, Translation etc) using flash  has  been developed and released ,to help the students to understand the processes easily and in a pragmatic approach. The animation are been developed especially for students of high school , graduate level.
  • Animation on HIV  and AIDS is being developed by the center to beused as a teaching aid as well as for general awareness.
  • Plant Physiology processes flash animation software package has been developed to support theStudents to understand the process easily.
Recent publications


Laydong Lepcha*, S.G.Roy, B.C. Basistha, K.B. Subba, N.P. Sharma, R  Gurung (2013). Medicinal value and Microbial VAM incidence analysis of Bischofia javanica Blume in Sikkim Himalaya, India. Journal of Ethnobiology and Traditional Medicine (JETM). Photon 120 (2013) 650-655.

Laydong Lepcha*, B.C. Basistha, K.B. Subba, Rajdeep Gurung, N.P. Sharma (2012). A reckon on the conservation and sustainability of Abroma augusta Linn of Sikkim Himalaya. Journal of Medical Science and Research (JMSR). Volume:3, Issue 2 p35-39.

Laydong Lepcha*, S. Guha Roy, A. Sarkar, B. C. Basistha, M. L. Arrawatia (2012). Documentation of Medicinally Important Plants from the Landslide Prone Areas of East Sikkim, India: A Survey Report. Journal of Phytology, 3(7): 01-07.

Laydong Lepcha*, B.C.Basistha & M.L.Arrawatia (2012). Landslides: A threat to Bio-resource of Sikkim Himalaya. Sikkim Biodiversity Significance and Sustainability, pp.80-91.

S.Pradhan, B.C Basistha,R.Basnett & A. Banerjee (2012). Chromatographic Techniques used for Investigation of Basic Bio-active Constituents of Highly Potent Species –Hippophae salicifolia from Hidden Forest of Sikkim. Sikkim Biodiversity Significance and Sustainability, pp. 80-91.

Rajdeep Gurung, S.R. Lepcha  & B.C. Basistha (2012). Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Sikkim Himalaya :A future Perspective. Sikkim Biodiversity Significance and Sustainability, pp. 193-198.

Faculty members



Dr. B.C. Basistha

Additional Director –cum- Coordinator

Shri. K.B. Subba

Assistant Scientific Officer-cum- Co-coordinator

Shri. Laydong Lepcha

Information Officer

Mr. Nikhil Poudyal

Technical Assistant

Mr. Sachin Subba

Data Entry Operator

Miss Ongkit Lepcha

Data Entry Operator



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