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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre
  Bioinformatics Centre at NIO was established in 1990 with a focus on marine biodiversity informatics. It works towards improving the understanding of the marine biota in the Indian waters. Basic aim of the Centre is to study and record the marine biodiversity of Indian waters, and to make it available in the form of digital data. The main objectives are to collect, collate and validate all the taxonomic data available from the Indian Ocean region and catalogue and disseminate the data electronically to the International Community.
The centre makes marine biodiversity data available in formats which is easy to understand and can be readily used by the policy makers, research community, educational institutions and stake holders. The Centre sees itself as a dynamic component of the National Institute of Oceanography, and is actively following the mission of the Institute which is “to continuously improve our understanding of the seas around us and to translate this knowledge to benefit all”.
Major research activities    
  • Study of novel metabolites from marine microorganism a potential source for the human health and related activities (Bioactive metabolites from marine environment.)
  • Barcoding of life forms
  • Bioprospecting and biotechnology of marine microorganisms.
  • Habitat ecology, controlled reproduction and conservation of marine organisms with food and medicinal values.
  • Evaluation, mechanism and control of biofilm and biofouling.

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Coordinator : Dr. Baban Ingole
Bioinformatics Centre, National Institute of Oceanography, Dona Paula,
Goa 403 004
Phone: 91-832-2450242
Fax: 91-832-2450602/03

Contact person


Shri Devanand Kavlekar
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