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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre
  The Bioinformatics Centre actually started functioning in 1992, is ready to get online /offline information from DICs, sub-DICs and other centers to meet users specific requirements and also to provide online/offline information to DIC, DISC, etc. The Centre has following credentials at its credit.
Seven softwares using FoxPro/Clipper/Visual Basic with Microsoft and PERL were developed, Sites of many databases were listed for utilization in research work., Livestock disease database has been developed, three monographs and three compendiums were prepared.
Major research activities    

Most of Divisions/Centers have been doing research in the area of Biotechnology for developing improved diagnostics/vaccines for differential diagnosis of economically important diseases of livestock and poultry using recombinant DNA technique and synthetic peptides chemistry etc with the help of bioinformatics data bases and softwares available at the centre.

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Coordinator : Dr. Ashok K. Tiwari
Distributed Information Sub-Centre, NLVS
Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar (U.P.) - 243 122
Phone: 0091-581-2300207,2300305
Fax: 0091-581-2303284
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