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  The Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), an autonomous institute has been brought under the fold of the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India in August 2002. The institute is located in close proximity to other research institutions at Bhubaneswar. The institute was earlier established on February 11, 1989 and was under the administrative and financial control of Department of Science and Technology, Government of Orissa. Prime minister of India dedicated the institute to the nation on July 15, 2003 with a declaration to develop the institute as a "National Centre for Excellence".
The mandate of ILS is to undertake basic and translational research in frontier areas of life sciences. The research interests of the faculty are in three major areas: (a) Infectious Disease Biology, (b) Gene Function and Regulation and (c) Translation Research and Technology Development. In addition, new collaborations with industry have been established to tap commercial potential of laboratory science.

Bioinformatics is an interdisciplinary research area that relies on computational and statistical methods to solve biological problems. With the advancement of high throughput technologies, biological experiments now generate huge amount of data, ranging from genomic sequences to gene expression profiles and to protein structures. Considering the importance, our centre is mainly involved in the functional genomics and proteomics study of important microorganisms, genes and proteins.

Major research activities    
  • Protein structure prediction, Protein modeling, protein-protein and Protein-ligand interactions
  • Functional genomics and proteomics
  • To Support Scientists and students in their research by using Bioinformatics tools and techniques.

    For more information:
Coordinator : Dr. Subrata K Das
Bioinformatics Centre
NALCO Square, Bhubaneswar - 751 023, Orissa
Phone: 91-674-2301500
Fax: 91-674-2300728

Contact person/ Co-coordinator


Mr. Sunil Kumar
Phone: 0674-2301500
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