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  The history of the IIT system dates back to 1946 when a committee was set up by Hon'ble Sir Jogendra Singh, Member of the Viceroy's Executive Council, Department of Education, Health and Agriculture to consider the setting up of Higher Technical Institutions for post war industrial development in India. The 22 member committee headed by Sri N.R.Sarkar, in its report, recommended the establishment of four Higher Technical Institutions in the Eastern, Western, Northern and Southern regions, possibly on the lines of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA, with a number of secondary institutions affiliated to it.

The report also urged the speedy establishment of all the four institutions with the ones in the East and the West to be started immediately. The committee also felt that such institutes would not only produce undergraduates but they should be engaged in research, producing research workers and technical teachers as well. The standard of the graduates should be at par with those from first class institutions abroad. They felt that the proportion of undergraduates and postgraduate students should be 2:1.


The centre was started in 1986 with a grant from the Ministry of Human resources Development. On-going research and development activities are focussed on product process to equipment development in the following such as Continuous Ethanol Production by using novel Bioreactor with non-conventional raw materials, High Frequency Mass Propagation of Plants in Liquid Media nd Bio-reactors, Induction of Automation in Industrial Plant Cell Culture, Application of Genetic Techniques for improvement of Tasar silk etc.

Bioinformatics Centre

The center provides facilities to the B.Tech, M. Tech and Ph. D students to carry out their day to day work, project work and trainings in the field of Bioinformatics. The Institute offers a separate 3 - credit course in Bioinformatics for the students. A number of thesis, publications, oral and posters presentations are being made in national and international conferences on the relevant areas of Biotechnology. A laboratory credit course on Bioinformatics also been conducted for the B.Tech and Dual degree students.

Major research activities    

Scale up of recombinant proteins; therapeutic and diagnostic proteins; immunodiagnostics studies; bio-hydrogen production in different bioreactors; development of microbial fuel cell, bioremediation of metals, radio nuclides and organic pollutants; enzyme and biofuel technology; macromolecular interactions involving proteins and nucleic acids, and their folding; Indian non-mulberry tasar silk proteins and other polymers as biomaterials for tissue engineering applications; EST database of silkworms, cloning, expression and purification of response regulator domains from M. tuberculosis, cloning and expression of chitinases and other genes of E. invadens, and also viral genes.

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Coordinator : Dr. S. C. Kundu
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur 721302
Phone: 91-3222-283764, 281365
Fax: 91-3222-278433, 278707



Professor S. Dey.
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