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  The Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology at IIT Delhi was founded in 1974 by the then unprecedented vision that progress in biotechnology could be dramatically accelerated by marrying Biology with Chemical Engineering. Over the last 37 years, this vision has borne rich dividends:
  • The department was the first to develop a technically viable process for bioethanol production, a feat that earned it international visibility. Even today, it harbors the leading Indian researchers in membrane separations, enzyme technology, plant cell biotechnology, recombinant DNA technology, biomolecular machines and wastewater treatment.
  • The department also has faculty members specializing in the new and emergent areas of Bioinformatics & Genomics, Metabolic Engineering & Metagenomics, Systems Biology, RNAi technology & Functional Genomics and Single-Molecule Dynamics.
  • The department was among the first in the country to secure significant extramural research funding from international agencies.
  • Biotechnology departments in virtually all Indian engineering schools are populated, and in many instances, headed by alumni of our department.
  • Numerous technical and business leaders of the global and domestic biotechnology industry received their undergraduate or graduate education in our department.

Today, the department consists of 16 permanent faculty members. The research publications of our Faculty are very significant both qualitatively and quantitatively ( Over the years, the department has pioneered the development of a 5-year dual-degree undergraduate program culminating in an M.Tech. degree and graduate programs leading to M.S. (Research) and Ph.D. degrees. Our interdisciplinary approach, which combines the principles of molecular biology and chemical engineering, has yielded academic recognition and reward. Our students have been admitted to highly ranked academic institutions within the country and abroad, where they have made, and continue to make, significant contribution to biotechnology in academics and industry.

The BTIS sub-centre at IIT Delhi was established in 1989 (equipped in 1991) by the support of the DBT, GOI, New Delhi, as a part of the nation wide networking of Biotechnology Institutions of National importance.

Major research activities    

The BTIS sub-centre is very actively engaged several aspects of Computational Genomics. These include web-based approaches to bioinformatics, going from protein sequence to structure and function and studying protein recognition and function. Using computational methods, we are also trying to elucidate the interactions between drug compounds and their target molecules. For the past few years, our Centre has been associated with developing novel methods to study molecular recognition of DNA by proteins.

For more information:

Coordinator : Prof. D. Sundar
Department of Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology
Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi
Hauz Khas,
New Delhi - 110016
Phone: (011) 26591066, 26596316
Fax: (011) 26582282

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