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  The Indian Institute of Spices Research (IISR), Kozhikode (Calicut) a constituent body of Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) is a major Institute devoted to research on spices. In 1976, it started as a Regional Station of the Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI), Kasaragod engaged in research on spices. A National Research Centre for Spices was established in 1986 with its headquarters at Calicut, Kerala by merging the erstwhile Regional Station of CPCRI at Calicut and Cardamom Research Centre at Appangala, Karnataka.
Realising the importance of Spices Research in India this Research Centre was upgraded to Indian Institute of Spices Research on 1st July, 1995.The laboratories and administrative offices of the institute are located at Chelavoor (50m above MSL), 11 km from Calicut, Calicut District, Kerala on the Calicut-Wyanad road (NH 212) in an area of 14.3 ha.
Bioinformatics Centre

The Bioinformatics Centre was established at the Institute as a sub- centre under the BTIS network. The Centre has a dedicated Internet connectivity (1 mbps), necessary hardware and software resources to initiate and support the Spice Bioinformatics/Biotechnology programmes. An advanced IT infrastructure with high end servers, routers, switches and wired and wireless LAN was built up during this period. A Bioinformatics Library with more than 100 reference books, journals, databases etc. was also set up. A round the clock browsing facility, SpicE-Lab, is also made available for the benefit of students and research fellows.

Active collaboration exists with nearby BTISNet centres, especially with the centre at CPCRI, Kasaragod in organizing Bioinformatics trainings and sharing of resources. The Centre also collaborates with NIT, Kozhikode for conducting a Bioinformatics course for M.Tech. students. Currently 19 students are attending this course. Bioinformatics students doing their M.Sc. in other institutions are allowed to carry out their project work in the institute. The Centre collaborated with DOEACC Centre, Kozhikode in conducting an ‘O’ level course in Bioinformatics. The Centre has also initiated action on coordinating Agri-bioinformatics efforts in the country by organizing workshops and by developing an Agri-Informatics portal.

Major research activities    
Current research activities in the centre range over a wide spectrum of application areas in the agricultural sciences, and employ a wide range of techniques from computing science. Biological problems under investigation are
  • Biodiversity informatics of spices
  • Comparative genomics of spices
  • Cheminformatics of spice based compounds
  • Phytophthora genomics
  • Comparative genomics of plant pathogens like viruses, bacteria, nematodes etc.

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Coordinator : Dr. Santhosh J. Eapen
Bioinformatics Centre, Indian Institute of spices research
PB.No: 1701, Calicut – 673 012, Kerala
Phone: 91-495-2731410, 2730906, Ext. 404
Fax: 91-495-2731187
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