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  Since its inception in 2002, the Centre has been involved in various scientific projects on comparative genome/proteome analysis of microbial, fungal and mammalian organisms. Among the problems addressed so far were multivariate analysis of macromolecular composition of microbial pathogens, delineation of distinct, niche-specific proteome signatures in microbial extremophiles, comparative analysis of evolutionary trends in mouse and human orthologs and clustering of proteins involved in signal transduction pathways.
A number of novel genome data mining software tools and specialized databases have also been developed by the centre.
Major research activities    

IICB, a constituent national laboratory of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), is engaged in interfacial research on chemical and biological sciences addressing biomedical problems of national importance as well as of global interest. There are six major research groups working in the areas of Cell Biology & Physiology, Chemistry, Molecular and Human Genetics, Structural Biology & Bioinformatics, Drug Development/Diagnostics, Infectious Diseases & Immunology, and Biotechnology. At BIC, IICB, various databases and software are being developed and applied for genome and proteome data mining, analysis of macromolecular composition/structures and elucidation of their interactions with bioactive molecules that may facilitate lead optimization for rational drug design.

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Coordinator : Dr. Chitra Dutta
Bioinformatics Centre, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology, Kolkata – 700 032
Fax: 91-33- 24735197
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