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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre
  The objectives of the centre are compilation of information on plants and their pathogens and tropical pathogens in a user friendly manner. Tritryp portal having detailed information on proteome of tritryps has been developed an hosted on IIAR website and other databases and tools like on AdhesinProfile, a database on adhesins; ProtAnno for predicting adhesion like proteins, GluD for finding distance between sugar rings in carbohydrates and a database on plant pathogens have been developed for free use by the community. Regular training programs have been undertaken at the centre.
Major research activities    

Various research groups in the Institute are working in the areas of Plant biotechnology for gene prospecting and enhanced functionalities, understanding the factors responsible for virulence in pathogens like Vibrio spp. in the human health, understanding the role of various factors in apoptosis in cell biology and genome analysis in bioinformatics.

Coordinator : Dr. Desh Deepak Singh
DISC, IIAR, Koba, Gandhinagar-382007
Phone: 079-30514150
Fax: 91-79-30514110
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