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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre
  Distributed Information Sub-Centre (DISC) at Department of Agricultural Biotechnology, CSK HPKV, Palampur (HP) came into existence in October, 2002. The Bioinformatics Centre was formally inaugurated by Prof. M.K. Bhan, Secretary, Dept. of Biotechnology, Govt. of India on 16th October, 2004.Since its inception, the Centre has developed good infrastructure in the form of 32 Computers/laptops, two servers (one is used as web server and other as internal server), Communication equipments and Printers, one Photocopier, Fax machine, one interactive class room etc. All the computers are linked through Local Area Network (LAN) and internet with 256 kbps lease line.
The Centre has procured softwares like LINUX, ORACLE, WINDOWS NET SERVER, WINDOWS SERVER 2003, BIO-SYSTEMATICA, DNA star, iMAS, GenchekTM, SQL SERVER, ADOBE ACROBAT PROFESSIONAL and VStudio.Net for normal bioinformatics work including analysis, software development, database creation and management. The Centre has created 5 databases and one software.
Major research activities    

The Department of Agricultural Biotechnology is engaged in research on following areas in Agricultural Biotechnology:

  • Biofortification of cereal crops for enhanced zinc and iron content
  • Development of DNA-based diagnostics for important plant diseases
  • Molecular mapping of disease resistance genes and other agronomically important traits in rice, lentil & peas.
  • Development of SNPs and SSR markers for genetic mapping in Lens and Trifolium species
  • Development of gene-targeted markers (GTMs) for marker assisted selection in rice.
  • Using molecular markers for diversity studies of different crop plants and pathogens.

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Coordinator : Dr. S.R.Thakur
Bioinformatics Centre, DAB, CSKHPKV
Palampur, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 91-1894-230314
Fax: 91-1894-230511


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