About the Bioinformatics Centre

The Distributed Information Sub Centre (Sub-DIC) under the Biotechnology Information System Network (BTISnet) programme of the Department of Biotechnology, Governement of India, New Delhi, was established at CPCRI in December 2000. The Bioinformatics Centre, CPCRI has taken up creation of databases on biotechnological aspects of coconut, cocoa and arecanut and provide information retrieval services in Biotechnology topics. The main objectives of the centre include the development of bibliographical databases related to plantation crops, providing training in the computer application of Bioinformatics and providing up to date information in the field of Biotechnology to plantation crops research workers


Area of Specialization: The Institute had the mandate to undertake research on coconut, arecanut, cocoa, cashew, oil palm and spices at the time of establishment. The research on cashew, oil palm and spices were later delinked from CPCRI to form separate institutes. The present mandate of the institute is to conduct research on coconut, arecanut and cocoa.

Current areas of Research
Current research focuses on the development of bioinformatics applications in plantation crops focusing on coconut, arecanut and cocoa.
Databases/applications developed
Infrastructure Facility

Online access to databases through www.bioinfcpcri.orgm (IP restricted)

  • Web access for coconut tissue culture and molecular markers protocols.
  • Web access for other institute services.
  • Limited access to full text literature databases at intranet
  • Shared resources among bioinformatics centres of CPCRI and IISR
  • The Centre is subscribing to three journal viz. AgBiotech News and Information, Bioinformatics and The Electronic Library. The centre also have a good reference collection on bioinformatics.
Faculty Members
Dr.Anitha Karun
Head, Crop Improvement
Phone: 04994-232894
Email: karun_ani@yahoo.co.uk
  Dr. Rajesh M. K.
Senior Scientist
Agrl Biotechnology(PS)
Email :mkraju_cpcri@yahoo.com
Phone No:04994-232894
Dr. Manimekalai Ramaswamy
Senior Scientist
Agrl Biotechnology(PS)
Phone No:04994-232894
  Dr. Devakumar K
Senior Scientist
Phone No:04994-232894

Mr. M.P. Ramesh Kumar
Information Officer
E-mail: rakucpcri@yahoo.com
Ph: 04994 - 232 974 (Off.)
04994 - 233 112 (Res.)


Dr. George V Thomas
Director, CPCRI

About the Institution

The Coconut Research Station at Kasaragod in Kerala was initially established in 1916 by the then Government of Madras and subsequently it was taken over by the Indian Central Coconut Committee in 1948. Central Plantation Crops Research Institute (CPCRI) was established in 1970 as one of the agricultural research institutes in the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) under the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR).
Databases/applications developed

1. Coconut Cultivar Identification (web based).

2. Coconut Disease Database (web based).

3. Vegetable Oil Database (web based) 

4. Microbial Information Systems on Plantations crops.

5. Pest Control Management System 

6. Coconut Microsatellite Database.

7. Mining EST Libraries for Molecular Markers in Cacao & Oil Palm (MEMCO) 

8. Phytoplasma database. 

9. Palm Database

10. Copgene Database

11. Stress Gene Database

12. Coconut Germplasm Database. 

13. Arecanut Germplasm Database

14. Coco Germplasm Database

15. CORPK Database

16. Coconut Artificial Pollination Management System

17.Pest & Disease Surveillance Database

18.Soil Test Based Nutrient Recommendations.

19. Palm DNA Barcode Database

Recent Publications

Sreesmitha, V., Rajesh, M.K., Anitha Karun, Ramesh Kumar, M.P., George V. Thomas (2010) In silico prediction of function and modeling of WRKY2 protein in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.). Journal ofPlantation Crops, 38: 144-147.

Bobby Paul, Rajesh, M.K., Jayakrishnan, V.P., Ramesh Kumar, M.P. and George V. Thomas (2010) CMSD: A database of microsatellite markers genotyped in indigenous coconut accessions. Indian Journal of Plant Genetic Resources. 23: 100-103.

Manju, K. P and Arunachalam, Y. (2011) Bioinformatic prediction of SNP markers in WRKY sequences of palms. CORD 27: 17-25.

Hemalatha, N., Rajesh, M.K. and Narayanan, N.K. (2011) Genome-wide analysis and identification of genes related to expansion gene family in indica rice. International Journal ofBioinformatics Research and Applications, 7: 162-167.

Bobby Paul, Rajesh, M.K. and Naresh Kumar S. (2012) Molecular cloning and characterization of a partial mitogen-activated protein kinase cDNA, CnMAPK1 induced in response to water stress in coconut. Indian Journal of Horticulture, 69 (2): 145-150.

Hemalatha N., Rajesh M.K. and Narayanan N. K. (2012) Genome-wide analysis of putative ERF and DREB gene families in indica rice (O. sativa L. subsp. indica). International Journal of Machine Learning and Computing, 2(5): 556-559.
Rajesh, M.K., Jerard, B.A., Preethi, P., Regi Jacob Thomas, Fayas, T.P., Rachana, K.E.  and Anitha Karun (2013) Development of a RAPD-derived SCAR marker associated with tall-type palm trait in coconut. Scientia Horticulturae, 150(4): 312-316
Hemalatha, N., Rajesh M. K., and Narayanan N. K. (2013) An integrative system for prediction of NAC proteins in rice using different feature extraction methods. International Journal on Soft Computing, 4(1): 9-21
Hemalatha N., Rajesh M. K. and Narayanan N. K. (2013) Machine learning approaches for prediction of expansin gene family in indica rice. Agricultural Research, 2(4): 309-318
G L Sairam, M K Rajesh, S Nithya and George V Thomas (2013) An SVM-based algorithm for the prediction and classification of enzymes involved in antibiotic biosynthetic pathways in plant growt promoting Pseudomonas species. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences 83 (10): 1075–8
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