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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre
  Bioinformatics Center (Sub-DIC) was sanctioned in the year 1999 and started during the year 2002-03 in the Department of Biotechnology aiming to provide the Computational facility and bioinformatics training to the Students, Research scholars and Teaching staff of life sciences of Barkatullah University. Center is involved in research work related to Microbial genomics and diversity analysis. Center is providing the computational support and training in diversity analysis. Center has organized 13 workshops, 3 trainings, 2 seminars. Data analysis of 4 PhD and 6 dissertation students was done at the center.
Center has published 3 papers and 15 abstracts in bioinformatics. One PhD in Bioinformatics area of Biotechnology has been submitted to Barkatullah University. Center has developed software BIOCOM for the study of microbial genomics and developed a database of codon usage patterns in Firmicutes.
Major research activities    
  • Rhizobacterial diversity, Field evaluation of PGPR in association with the indigenous AMF in soybean and wheat cropping system
  • Mycorrhiza Biofertilisers
  • Mass propagation of Biofuel plant
  • Inventorization of Medicinal plant
  • Bioactive Compound from Medicinal Plant
  • Microbial Genomics
  • Medicinal Plant diversity database of Madhya Pradesh

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Coordinator : Dr. Ragini Gothalwal
Bioinformatics Center
Barkatullah University, Bhopal - 462 026, Madhya Pradesh
Phone: 91-755-2677748, 2677749
Fax: 91-755-5287047
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