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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre

The Distributed Information Sub Centre was established by the DBT, New Delhi at Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh in the academic session 1988 89. The main function of the Centre is to act as a member of Bioinformatics Network System for providing information to the interested users on topics pertaining to the relevant areas of Biotechnology specially protein folding and design, protein structure and protein engineering. The functions of the Centre include, among others, acquisition, creation and development of programmes and databases needed by the users.

For the last several years, Centre is contributing significantly for the manpower development by organizing workshops and courses in the field of bioinformatics. Since its inception the Centre has organized 17 national level bioinformatics workshops and trained more than 400 participants from different universities and institutions. Centre is regularly organizing seminar lecture for the benefit of students, researchers and scientists working the area of biotechnology or in the areas related to biotechnology. Centre is regularly providing Internet facility for its users since 1994. Recently a dedicated 512 kbps BSNL leased line and a 2 mbps broadband connection has been installed and is functioning satisfactorily in providing online literature search etc.

Major research activities    
Right from its establishment, the unit has been concentrating on research in various aspects of protein biotechnology and efforts continue in this direction, in addition to those in immunology and molecular biology. One aspect that is being actively pursued is the stabilization of enzymes with the help of polyclonal antibodies. Attempts are currently being made to identify regions of the enzyme that are crucial for enzyme stability and raise antibodies against the regions in experimental animals. Another group is actively engaged in the study of pathways leading to various folding intermediate of proteins, which involves the characterization of various intermediates. Moreover development of liposome-based vaccines to project against various antifungal diseases are also in pipeline. Studies on isolation of T4 nrdB mutants for the investigation of the structure-function relationship in RNA splicing of group I introns on a model with view to understand the requirement of secondary and tertiary structure of RNA in the autocatalytic splicing of intron is also being investigated. Molecular Biology and Yeast genetics exploring Transcription factors and their interaction with 3’ RNA processing machinery. Transcription regulation and gene silencing versus histone methylation.

For more information:
Coordinator : Prof. M. Saleemuddin
Bioinformatics Centre
Biotechnology Building, Aligarh
Uttar Pradesh – 202 002
Phone: 91-571-2720388
Fax: 91-571-2721776
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