About the Bioinformatics Centre

Bioinformatics Centre (DBT-BIF) in NERIST was establishment in February, 2008 with financial assistance from DBT, Govt. of India for promotion of Biology Teaching though Bioinformatics (BTBI). In this regard, a sum of Rs. 29.04 lakhs (Rupees Twenty Nine Lakhs and Four Thousand) only had been received from DBT by the Institute during 2008-2012 towards the establishment of BIF as well as for recurring grants.  The DBT, New Delhi had given approval for extension of financial support to the BIF during the next five years plan (2013-2017)

[Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility (BIF), Department of Forestry, NERIST]
BIF-NERIST:Class-cum-Training Room]
Area of Specialization:
  • Molecular phylogenyof plants and fungi

  • Development of biodiversity and forest database

  • In-silico screening and discovery of drugs


The Bioinformatics Centre (DBT-BIF), Department of Forestry, NERIST has been established:

  • to provide state of the art infrastructure facility of computational and internet facilities for imparting basic to advanced teaching, learning, research and training to the students, scholars, teachers and scientific community actively engaged in biology, biotechnology, bioinformatics, forestry, and allied disciplines in the institute in particular and the surrounding areas of the region in particular and the country in general
Current area of research
  • Evaluation  of nuclear and chloroplast genome sequences for development of DNA barcodes in selected Musa species occurring in North Eastern India
  • Screening and identification of antidiabetic and anityhypertensive properties of ethnomedicinally important plants in NE India
Databases/applications developed
A digital database on Banana (Musa spp.) of North east India (MUSANEI)
A digital database on forest resources of NE India (NE-FOREST)
Infrastructure facilities
Computer Facility :
  1. HCL High End (Quad Core) and HP Med-End Servers,
  2. Desktop Computers  (10 nos. HCL TBL),
  3. Laser Printer (HP 2015N) and Officejetprinter (HP 6488);
  4. Flatbed Scanner  (HP G3010),
  5. 2KVA Uniline Online UPS (IGBT)

 Licensed Software

  1. Genious Pro bioinformatics software
  2. Red Hat Linux Enterprise 5 Edn
  3. MS Windows Server 2008R2
  4. Microsoft SQL Server 2008R2 Std.                                  
  5. Microsoft Forefront TMG                                                    
  6. Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Professional                                
  7. Microsoft Expression Studio Web Prof. 4.                      
  8. Symantec EndProtection 12.2
    Internet & Networking Facility
    • 1 GBPS Leased Line Internet (BSNL) from the Institute LAN through NKN
Inter Institutional collaboration
  • A collaborative project under DBT-NER Twinning programme with Centre for Bioinformatics, Pondicherry University on “Computational and biochemical approaches for in-silico discovery and screening of drug like-leads; Antidiabetic and antihypertensive compounds from Clerodenrum spp. in NE India” (ongoing)

  • The BIF NERIST is working with various BIFs of the NER on development of a comprehensive database on banana resources of the NE Region


Faculty members
  • Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh, Assistant  Professor&Coordinator

  • Dr. C. L. Sharma, AssociateProfessor&DeputyCoordinator


Name of the Coordinator

Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh

Postal Address

Bioinformatics Centre (DBTBIF), Dept. of Forestry, NERIST, Nirjuli-791109, Arunachal Pradesh

Phone /Fax Number

0360 2257059 (Fax) 227872; 2258533

Email ;


About the Institution

The North Eastern Regional Institute of Science and Technology (NERIST) [] is a unique Institute of its own kind in the country, having unconventional and innovative academic programmes. It was established in 1983 by the Government of India and the foundation stone laid by former President of India Late GianiZail Singh on 4th March 1984.

[Main Gate: NERIST, Deemed university, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh]

The institute was set up initially as a project of the North Eastern Council (NEC) for providing a system of education to create technical manpower at various levels for the development of the North Eastern Region of the country. In 1994, it became an autonomous institute fully funded and controlled by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Govt. of India.The institute got the status of deemed to be university on 31st May 2005 under Section 3 of the UGC Act 1956.

The institute imparts primarily technical education in all engineering disciplines and  in Forestry (Applied Science discipline)  at undergraduate (Base module, Diploma Module and Degree Module), post graduate (M.Sc&M.Tech) and research (doctoral programme) levels. A center for Management study in the institute offers Post graduate (MBA) and research (doctoral programme) in management studies.
[A landscape of Campus at NERIST, Deemed university, Nirjuli, Arunachal Pradesh]

The Department of Forestry has come into existence in 1986 along with the establishment of NERIST with an object to impart forestry education to the younger generation students of eight north–eastern states of India. The department currently offers programmes at degree (4 years B. Sc), Post graduate (2 year M. Sc) and Ph. D. It is set against a large landscape of verdant scenic beauty and is equipped with infrastructure designed to produce professional personnel with management capacity and ability to take up the future challenges in the field of forestry. This forestry courses in the institute is also an attempt to conform to National Forest Policy 1988, which emphasizes forestry education in India.

Achievements at a glance
The 4th annual North Eastern Bioinformatics Network (NEBInet) Coordinators Meeting was hosted by BIF-NERIST on 10 & 11th November, 2011
[Dr. T. Madan Mohan (Adviser, DBT), Prof. Dipankar Pal (Director, NERIST), Prof. M.K. Chaudhary (V.C. Tezpur University),Prof. P. Tondon(Ex. V.C. NEHU) and Dr. C.L. Sharma (Head, Dept. Of Forestry, NERIST) during Inauguration of 4thNEBINet Coordinators Meeting (10-11th November, 2011)]
[Release of Proceeding during Inauguration of 4thNEBINet Coordinators Meeting (10-11th November, 2011)]
[Presentation of Reports during 4thNEBINet Coordinators Meeting (10-11th November, 2011)]
[Interactive Session during of 4thNEBINet Coordinators Meeting (10-11th November, 2011)]
[A group photo of Coordinators and DBT Officials 4thNEBINet Coordinators Meeting (10-11th November, 2011)]
[A visit of Dr. T. Madan Mohan (Adviser, DBT) with a glimpse of the Banana Database MUSANEI at the BIF-NERIST]

Awarded Best Poster Award for the research paper on “Genome characterization and phylogenetic analysis of wild and cultivated bananas (Musa spp.) of Meghalaya, North East India using morphological, molecular and bioinformatics approaches”  during National Symposium in Bioinformatics in Bioinformatics held at University of Jammu on 2nd February, 2012

[Dr. S. Sureshkumar Singh, Coordinator, BIF-NERIST receiving Best Poster Award from Prof. M. Vijayan during National Symposium in Bioinformatics, XXIII BTISNet Coordinators Meeting, University of Jammu, February, 2012]
Recent Publications

S. Sureshkumar Singh, G. Ranibalaand M.L. Khan (2013)A digital database on bananas (Muss spp.) of NE India (MUSANEI). In: Proc. National Symposium in Bioinformatics,NBRI, Lucknow on 2nd February, 2013;

H. Arya, D. R. Ampasala, S.S. Singh and M.S. Coumar (2013) Insilico investigation of chemical constituents of Clerodendrumcolebrookianum for interaction with anti-hypertensive drug target-Rho-associated coiled-coil protein kinase (ROCK), In proc. 6th Science Conclave, IIIT Alllahabad, 8th to 14th Dec, 2013.

N. Bareh, S. Sureshkumar Singhand Ch. Roshan (2012) Genome characterization and phylogenetic analysis of wild and cultivated bananas (Musa spp.) of Meghalaya, North East India using morphological, molecular and bioinformatics approaches. In: Proc. National Symposium in Bioinformatics in Bioinformatics,University of Jammu on 2nd February, 2012;


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