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Bioinformatics Center (BIC) at NII is engaged in advanced research in the area of computational and structural biology. The utility of the facilities provided by the center is reflected in usage of bioinformatics resources in large number of publications from various research groups at NII.
Major research activities    
The research interests of the various research groups at NII coalesce in six major areas; Chemical Biology, Genetics & Cell Signaling, Immunity & Infection, Molecular & Cell Biology, Reproduction & Development, and Structural & Computational Biology.

For more detail visit:
Coordinator : Dr. D M Salunke
Bioinformatics Centre
Shahid Jeet Singh Marg
New Delhi-110 067
Phone: 91-11-26703749
Fax: 91-11-26162125
Co-coordinator :

Dr. B. K. Biswal

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