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  Bioinformatics Centre at IARI, New Delhi was established in 1989 under Biotechnology Information System (BTIS) Network to function as a computerized information base in fields related to Agricultural Biotechnology in particular and fields allied to agriculture in general. Since its inception, the Centre has provided various services, such as online and offline bibliographic search through network and CDROM server, electronic mail, internet, creation and updation of database, statistical analysis of research data, protein sequence analysis, training programmes, workshops on bioinformatics and current awareness services etc., to the researchers, students and farmers.
A number of Bioinformatics tools were developed at the centre as well as a number of databases along with information retrieval system are functional at the centre. The Centre became a part of Unit of Simulation and Informatics (USI) in November 2003. The USI is entrusted with the additional responsibility of maintaining the Institute’s campus network, the website and the web server administration. While initiating the work on e-agro-advisory in 2007, the Centre has released the quarterly News Letter entitled “Agro-Bioinformatics” that was widely circulated to various Institutes as well as Universities and all visiting dignitaries since 2008. During the year under report, M.Sc programme in Bioinformatics is approved by the academic council of this institute.
Major research activities    
  • Wheat Informatics : The web based application ‘Wheat Informatics’ has been developed which enables the target user to retrieve general, scientific, bioinformatics and other information (such as R & D institutes, landmark publications) about wheat. This application is user’s friendly and will help the students, researchers and even the farmers to know complete detail related to wheat.
  • Genome Browser: A genome browser was developed for wheat. The configuration file of GMOD was customized for this purpose. Wheat genome sequences & putative wheat EST sequences were obtained from plant genome database, wheat protein sequences were obtained from Uniprotdb. All these sequences were supplied as input to the MARKER (genome annotation pipeline). The GFF files obtained as output from MAKER were uploaded into a mySQL database, using standard Bioperl loading script.
  • MiRule : MiRule (Rule based micro RNA prediction Tool) was developed. MiRule predicts the presence and position of the mature miRNA in the input precursor sequence. MiRule predicts the mature miRNA by assigning weights for different derived rules. The results of miRule are encouraging since the essential attributes selected are biologically significant. MiRule has been optimized for predicting mature miRNAs in Hexapods and tested for major cereal crops with high precision and recall.
  • Plant Transmembrane Kinase prediction Tool: A plant Transmembrane kinase prediction tool was developed. Plant Transmembrane kinase prediction tool helps in predicting the presence of transmembrane receptor kinase like domains in the sequence provided by the user. It predicts on the basis of Hidden Markov Model profiles and runs Hmmer 1.2 in the backdrop. The tool has been found to have a fair accuracy and perform better than Pfam in predicting various groups and families of the transmembrane receptor kinase class.
  • CeRA (Consortium for e-Resources in Agriculture) has been established under the NAIP for providing online access to e-journals and resources in over 120 ICAR institutes. We provide various journals related to Biotechnology and Bioinformatics to DICs /Sub DICs under ICAR.

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Coordinator : Dr. H. Chandrasekharan
Bioinformatics Centre
Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110 012
Phone: 91-11-25842490
Fax: 91-11-25842490
Contact person :

Dr.H.Chandrasekhran Dr. A.K.Mishra

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