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BTISNET - Distributed Information Centre
  The Bioinformatics Centre at CCMB was started in 1986. The principal objective is to serve as a part of a national network providing biological information with a stress on Oncogenes, Reproductive Physiology, Cell Transformation, epigenetics, DNA and protein sequence and structure analyses. Since its inception, the Centre has strived to achieve its objectives in a variety of ways. The Centre is equipped with a high-performance computing server, a good internet connection and several PCs. Silicon graphics workstation with Insight software provides high speed high resolution graphics facility to the scientists. CCMB is one of the Centres under the National Facility for High Resolution Graphics and Molecular Modelling.
Major research activities    
  • Genome organization and epigenetic regulation
  • Theoretical studies of biological systems
  • Homology modeling of serotonin receptor
  • Affibody engineered for cell-specific nucleic acid targeting

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Coordinator : Dr. Rakesh K Mishra
Habsiguda, UppalRoad
Hyderabad - 500 007, Andhra Pradesh, India
Phone: 91-40-27192779
Fax: 91-40-27160591
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