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BTISNET - Centre of Excellence
  The Bioinformatics Centre of Bose Institute, established in 1988 as one of the ten nodal centres under the programme, BTIS of the Department of Biotechnology, has been recognized in 2004 as a “Centre of Excellence” in Bioinformatics to undertake research in the following areas: modeling of proteins structures; molecular interaction and docking; drug design; chromosomal dynamics; stress biology of plants; functional genomics and host-pathogen interactions. Major research activities: The computational infrastructure developed at the Centre has provided the impetus for thriving research activities in bioinformatics and computational biology, as can be seen from a large number of publications made over the years and its recognition as the Centre of Excellence in Bioinformatics by DBT in 2004 and various national awards received by the staff and students working at the Centre.
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Coordinator : Prof. Pinak Chakrabarti
Bioinformatics Centre, Bose Institute
P 1/12, C.I.T. Scheme VII M, Kolkata 700 054
Phone: 91-33-23343886
Fax : 91-33-23346626

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