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BTISNET - Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility
    The main research interest of Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility is to study the conformation of biomacromolecules especially carbohydrates and protein carbohydrate complexes. Computational methods like molecular dynamics simulations and quantum mechanical calculations are extensively carried out in molecular modeling and drug design. Mutation and MD simulation of biomolecules are done with the help of programming and software packages. Sequence analysis is carried out at proteome level and genome level through programming.

The High Power Computing Machines are employed to perform molecular dynamics simulations and ab-initio calculations on the structure and dynamics of carbohydrates and protein-carbohydrate complexes. Scientific softwares AMBER and recent version of Gaussian are available at the centre to carry out research works in the fields of interest. The centre is focusing at the development of human resource in the emerging fields of Bioinformatics and biomolecular structure. From its inception, the centre has recruited Research Assistants, Trainees, studentship Trainees and guiding post graduate and M.Phil students for their projects in bioinformatics. The necessary space and infrastructure have been developed to enhance research in the Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility. Conformational features of carbohydrates are given emphasis because of its versatile functional roles in the biological environment. With the available expertise, the centre is concentrating on elucidating the conformational details of biologically important carbohydrates and protein carbohydrate complexes using theoretical computational methods.

Major research activities

A dedicated database 3DSDSCAR (Three Dimensional Structural Database for Sialic acid containing CARbohydrates – is created for public domain use.

Coordinator : Dr. K. Veluraja
Bioinformatics Centre,
Abishekapatti, Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,
Tirunelveli- 627012, Tamilnadu
Phone No : 91-462-2338721, 2333741
Fax No : 91-462-2322973, 2334363
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