About the Bioinformatics Centre

  • Established in Nov, 2006 at LDC.
  • Act as bioinformatics hub for the teachers and UG, PG, M.Phil and PhD students of various departments and nearby colleges and research institutes.
  • 41 computers (Under DBT-BIF: 26) with one high end server, one medium end server, fax machine, photocopier and printers along with scanner.
  • Available software packages: GCG Wisconsin package, Discovery studio 2.0, Geneious Pro Ver 3.5.6, SPSS tables 16.0, Schrodinger 2011.
  • Internet facility at a speed of 2Mbps leased line connectivity.

Area of Specialization:

  • Microbial biotechnology
  • Vector borne diseases
  • Mycology
    • To promote and strengthen computer aided biological research and teaching.
    • To provide training to the students and teachers for handling biological data using bioinformatics tools.
Current area of research
  • Purification and Crystallization of Parasporin protein B.thuringiensis LDC 391.
  • Targeted drug delivery towards cancer cells and imaging using nanomaterials.
  • Development of network modeling in Dengue virus host interactions.
  • Development of bioinformatics software tool for analyzing protein and nucleotide sequences using PERL scripts.
  • Development of an algorithm for the prediction of microRNA.
  • Bioprospection and domestication of native strains of Ganoderma lucidum.
Databases/applications developed
Inter Institutional collaboration
  • BIF facility is used by the students at LDC campus and nearby institutes
  • Collaborative work with Dr. P. Sundaresan, Senior Scientist, Aravind Medical Research Foundation (Manuscript preparation)
  • Collaborative work with Dr. Sunder, Head, Department of Biotechnology, Kalasalingam University. 
  • Established collaboration with CRME (ICMR), Madurai in Dengue virus-host interaction 

Infrastructure facilities
Computer and Communication Facility
High end-server - 01, Medium Server - 01, Desktop Work station - 25, Laptop - 02, Overhead projector – Photo phone - 1, Workio 1520 Panasonic photocopier with printer and Scanner, HP color Laserjet 3600 Printer, fax machine with Phone connection., Server Rack Model 42u/1000d & Accessories, Tripod Screen 60 * 60”, White board (5*4 sq.feet), Stand (Umbrella stand), Sony Cybershot Camera DSC H50, PROJECTOR – 1 Hitachi multimedia projector with wall mount facility is available for teaching program, all classrooms are provided with an OHP Projector which enhances the teaching process and learning effectively. Internet Facility at a speed of 2Mbps Leased line Connectivity.

Scientific Software packages.

GCG Wisconsin package; Discovery Studio 2.0; Geneious Pro Ver.3.5.6;
AMBER Packages; SPSS tables.; Schrodinger 2012

Software packages available

MS office 2003; MS office Ent 2007; Dot net 2005; Norton Antivirus Package; Kaspersky Internet Security 2011; Windows Ent server 2003 AE
Windows 2003 Server CAL; Windows server Media kit; SQL Server 2005 Olp NL AE; SQL server CAL; ISA server Ent Edtn 2005 English OLP NL AE 1 Processor License; Redhat Ent ES 4.0 STD Edition.

About the Institution

Lady Doak College was established in the year 1948 and has the distinction of being first women’s college in Madurai promoting value loaded system of learning, to bring out the wholesome transformation of women. It currently offers 22 undergraduate, 15 post graduate, 9 M.Phil and 5 research programmes. It always strives to sustain its excellence and quality in higher education. It has been conferred by UGC as “College with Potential for Excellence” in 2004,re-accredited with ‘A’ grade by NAAC and ISO 9001:2008 Certified.  Its challenging curriculum blended with relevant academic and cocurricular programmes, exposure programmes, value based education, international exchange programmes and well developed student support system have placed the college at the forefront in the field of higher education.
The Department of Biotechnology at Lady Doak College aims to disseminate biotechnology education and research for creation of employment, entrepreneurship and wealth for the community leading to sustainable development. It offers UG, PG, M.Phil courses in biotechnology. It is a DST-FIST sponsored department with the state of the art infrastructure facility to enhance teaching and research activities. It has been recognized as one of the Bioinformatics Infrastructure facility centre by the Department of Biotechnology (Govt. of India) under BTISnet. Over the past five years, the centre has been actively involved in organizing seminars/workshops/symposium in the field of bioinformatics for the students, faculty, scientists in order to promote and strengthen biology teaching and research. .

Achievements at a glance
  • Workshops organized : 8
  • Seminars conducted: 3
  • Students trained: 12 (studentship & traineeship)
  • Bioinformatics Projects completed: PhD - 2; PG Diploma - 31; M.Phil - 13; PG -12; UG - 14; Miniproject – 4.
Recent publications


L.Rufus Auxilia, T.Mowna Sundari and Rachel Regi Daniel. Molecular Docking Studies of Dolichin A and B, Pterocarpans from Horsegram (Macrotyloma uniflorum) against HIV Replication Enzymes. International Journal of Computer Applications 75(14):19-23. IF: 0.821.

P.Suguna,C. Binuramesh, P. Abirami, V. Saranya, Poornimakkani, V. Rajeswari and R. Shenbagarathai. Immunostimulatory effect of PHB-HV from Bacillus thuringiensis in Oreochromis mossambicus. Fish and Shellfish Immunology.IF: 2.964.

A.ShabnaV.SaranyaJ.MalathiR.Shenbagarathai and H.N.Madhavan. Indigenously produced polyhydroxyalkanoate based co-polymer as cellular supportive biomaterial. Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part - AIF: 2.834.  

Faculty members





Ms. T. Mowna Sundari

Research Associate


Deputy Coordinator(s):

Dr. Sarah Sathyavathi

Assistant Professor
Department of Zoology         
Lady Doak College

Assistant Professor
Department of Biotechnology           
Lady Doak College



Dr. R. Shenbagarathai

Postal Address

DBT – BIF Coordinator,
Department of Biotechnology,
Lady Doak College,
Madurai - 625 002.

Phone Number  

091 - 452 - 2535575

Fax No.

091 - 452 – 2535575


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