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BTISNET - Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility
    Desired computational and information technology facilities are being extended to the faculty and researchers in the University. The one-time grant for establishing the Centre was sanctioned in September 2006. The Facility has been established. We have established a MoU to work together in areas of Neuroinformatics with HighHopes Biotech, Agra.

Major research activities    

The ongoing research of interests are:

  • Role of microglia and inflammatory changes in neuronal apoptosis, neurodegeneration and neurodegeneration.
  • Studies on effects of presence of resting and reactive microglia on endogenous neurogenesis and gliogenesis from neural stem cells.
  • Aging changes in microglia per se. Does age related deterioration of microglia and microglial cellular senescence cause increasing disability of microglia to provide neuroprotection following injury.
  • Studies on immunophilin ligands as novel modulators of glial activity and mediators of neuroprotection.
  • Role of glia in neurogenesis and histogenesis of neurons following exposure to the toxicity of deltamethrin in postnatal rats.
  • Gram-negative Bacterial Endotoxin-induced Infertility.
  • Genetic Polymorphism in the Tribal Populations of North Madhya Pradesh In Relation To Genomic Diversity and Susceptibility to Tuberculosis.
  • Genetics of susceptibility to gall stone and gall cancer
  • Genetic diagnosis and counseling for (pre-natal) abnormalities in spontaneous abortions
  • Genetics of thalassemia and population screening
  • Conservation genetics of Gharial and turtles.

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Coordinator : Prof. Ishan Patro
Head, School of Studies in Neuroscience &
Coordinator, Bioinformatics Centre,
Jiwaji University, Gwalior 474011.
Phone: 0751-2442789, 09425110063
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