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BTISNET - Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility
    The work focuses in modelling biological complex systems so as to identify key regulatory motifs and macromolecules essential for complex traits. Specifically, the work is being carried out working towards modelling plant processes/mechanisms and human disease conditions based on their empirically known interactome data. Modeling of specific protein interactomes embodying mechanisms of concern, to further analyze those using graph-theoretical methodologies is under way.

Following are few of the plant mechanisms that are being focusing on, to probe their key molecular specifiers in an attempt to control them: plant defence, flowering, plant-pathogen interactions. The process of establishing rational methods for probing human disease conditions (cancers, asthma and Type-II diabetes) starting from their interactomes, to their targets, ultimately to arrive at putative leads using network biology approach is being looked into. Apart from screening openly available databases of small molecules, with the known curative effects of plant products, the group also aim at identifying role of certain plant-derived molecules to explain their mode of action and to discover new leads.

Coordinator : Dr. Aparna Maitra Pati
Bioinformatics Unit
Biotech Division
Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology(IHBT)
CSIR, Post Box No.:6,
Palampur 176 061 (Himachal Pradesh)
Phone : 01894 - 233339(O) (Extn.:384)

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