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Since its inception on 21st November, 2008, AU Bioinformatics Centre focused on its main objective of promotion of Biology teaching through Bioinformatics funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Bioinformatics Centre (BIC) was inaugurated in Andhra University; Visakhapatnam on 15th August 2009.The centre became a focal point for providing various communication and computational facilities to the users from the university and also from other institutions.

The Centre provides training to teachers and students of the university, affiliated colleges and other institutions through National level workshops, training programs by many eminent scientists working in the areas of bioinformatics and biotechnology and professionals from industry. The centre is open to the students, faculty and researchers of AU to retrieve literature and utilize the infrastructure available at BIF, AU. The Andhra University is one of the oldest university started maritime studies by establishing the Dept. of Marine Living Resources in 1976 and started contributing manpower to various organisations established in the maritime sector. The centre is providing labs facility for Bioinformatics project/practical for students of Marine Living Resources and other branches of Life Sciences in the University. The research work is published in peer-reviewed national and international journals and is available on world-wide-web.

Major research activities
Major Research activities in Biotechnology and its related fields are clustered around the fields of Marine Biotechnology, Molecular Biology, Marine Biology & Fisheries, Application of computational tools and Techniques to analyze, visualize and interpret sequence, structure and gene expression data on a large scale. The key areas of specialization include Molecular Modelling & Computer Aided Drug Designing, Marine Diversity and Molecular Phylogenetic Analysis, Marine Bioinformatics. The research activities were also extended towards identification of potential chemical compounds for various marine diseases and Pharmacophore Analysis of Marine Drugs.
Coordinator : K. Umadevi
DBT – BIF Programme, Dept. of Marine Living Resources
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam – 530 003, Andhra Pradesh
Phone: 0891- 2719121, 09490794422(M)
Fax: 0891- 2719121

Contact person


Subhalaxmi Nayak
Research Assistant, DBT-BIF Programme
Dept. of Marine Living Resources
Andhra University, Visakhapatnam-530003, Andhra Pradesh
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