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BTISNET - Sub-Distributed Information Centre
  Berhampur University is the only University in Southern Odisha catering the demand of higher education in various fields’ right from its inception in the year 1967. It is not only catering the demands of higher education of Odisha, but the students from all neighboring states are equally benefited. The University is having various full time courses at Masters and Doctoral level. This University has started M.Sc in Biotechnology course in the year 2005.The major changes in the academics all over the globe opened new frontiers to understand life science in detail.
  Fulfilling the demand of this change, BIF Centre was sanctioned to Berhampur University by DBT, Govt. of India, New Delhi. Presently the Centre is established in the Dept. of Zoology, Berhampur University and is engaged in many academic activities leading to popularization and understanding of Bioinformatics and its importance in biological Science. The BIF Centre provides learning and training in Bioinformatics to the science students, scholars & teachers of the university and affiliated colleges. The main aim of our center is to create professionals, teachers and scholars in the field of Bioinformatics.
Major research activities    
  • Strengthening Biology Teaching using Bioinformatics Tool
  • Organizing workshops on different aspects of Bioinformatics.
  • Publishing research articles in journals.
  • Presenting research articles in different seminars and symposia.
  • Carrying out research work utilizing the Bioinformatics Infrastructure Facility.

    For more information:
Coordinator : Prof. (Mrs)U.R.Acharya,
BIF Centre, Berhampur University,
Bhanja Bihar, Odisha PIN-76007
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